Director of Operations


My name is Brenda Glazier and I am Director of Operations for Miche Canada and Unidem Sales. I started with Unidem in Feb 2001. At that time we were based out of Linda and Stephen’s house. I was the only person in the office. My very first day of work at Unidem, I received a call from Linda asking me to pick up a quart of milk on my way to work – I knew then I was in for some new experiences.


I am married to Dave and we have two children who we adopted when they were 2 and 5. Lilly is studying Criminal justice and Kenny is a crane operator(apprenticeship). We also have two dogs; Fred the Basset hound(named after the dog in Smokey and the Bandit) and Sally the Beagle. During the fall and winter months I am a hockey volunteer. Dave and I run hockey tournaments and we support a local houseleague by spending many hours at the arena organizing and helping. My favorite team is the Maple Leafs. I was little when they last won the Stanley cup and if they don’t win soon, I will retire from Miche to become the General Manager of the Leafs(LOL). Look out Nones and Shanahan!


I always carry the Prima Bag and my favorite new release is the Kacy (this colour is way out of my comfort zone), but I find it beautiful and look forward to wearing it with a black suit or black dress. Some of my all-time favorite shells that are timeless for me: Maryanne, Janice, Lynette, Katy, Karen….there are so many.  My favorite all time petite shell – Skylar.


The favorite part of my job, is that I get to work with a great bunch of people and PURSES! Everyone at Unidem and Miche Canada are dedicated staff. Everyone in the warehouse – Wayne, Sue, Steve and Jeanine – they pick your orders in a timely manner and get them sent out for you. Our Account Managers are the best – Kathy, Elaine and Moira. Christine in Accounting – Make sure the reps are paid their commission.  Sharon and Chantal in communications – they know all of the latest and greatest Social media (I am still trying to make sense of Facebook) and software that helps us to do our jobs. If I have a question about my I-phone I ask Sharon. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr Chris (who looks after the warehouse and our Trade shows). Nick (our IT guy) is the smartest guy I know.  I have worked with Stephen (semi-pro golfer) and Linda for many many years. Linda and I …what can I say. I am still trying to figure out ‘ Linda-isms’ as I call them. My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I love to see us all working together, doing what we have to do to get your orders out and get the job done.


Another favorite part of my job, is to go on the road and meet all of the great reps that we have all across Canada. It is always good to place a name to a face and share ideas about the Miche Bag.


I believe this fall will be PHENOMINAL  for our Miche Bag Home party program. With the new pricing and the new rewards program, parties will be easier to come by. We have some new systems coming on board and I love love love the REP LOCATOR and so will you. And did I talk about PURSES! We are like kids in a candy shop when the new releases come in the office. Each one is carefully unwrapped  and we all go oooh and aaah.  Everyone wants to touch them and of course,  work comes to a screeching halt so we can play with PURSES.


I have been very lucky all my working life.  My first career was in Banking which I enjoyed immensely.  My second career is with PURSES and how cool is that! 




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