Accounting Department


My name is Christine Petherick.  I am married to a wonderful man who I have been with for almost 29 years. I have 2 children and have just recently become a grandmother for the first time to a wonderful little baby boy.


Miche Canada hired me in November of 2008. At that time, I was involved with everything from answering the phones and taking orders, to packing, shipping and the accounting. It was a small group of people then. Over the years our Miche family has grown to the point where I now only do the bookkeeping and some other administrative tasks. Sometimes I miss those days, it was fun to talk to the HPR’s on the phone and packing orders was good for my waistline.


We have some great new releases.  I like the Dabney and Meredith but I think my favourite new release is the Melinda. The blue and purple together in a very cool pattern.


My favourite shell – well that is a hard one for me, over the years I have had several shells that I really liked. In the beginning it was a classic Bayley shell, then I really liked the Red Hope for the Prima. Next it was the Blue Hope and then the Heather for the Demi. If I had to pick just one, it would be the Heather for the Demi bag. It has bright vibrant colours and can go with almost any outfit.


My favourite Miche size – that is a difficult one as well.  I would have to pick the Demi.  It is big enough to hold all the things that I like to carry with me but isn’t as heavy as the Prima.


The best part of my job is keeping track of the new reps and updating their information. (I like to organize things.)  It helps me keep me in the loop and helps out the Account Managers, as well as Brenda and Linda.


It sounds to me like the new pricing is going to be the best change for Miche this year.  It sounds like it is much easier to understand and therefore easier to explain to the customer.  It should be great for new reps just trying to learn and better for new customers just getting a Miche bag for the first time.


 Take care,


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