Introducing the NEW Master Order Form!

Introducing the NEW Master Order Form!

How would you like to know the status of our Miche stock 10 minutes before the Party, how about during the Party or maybe 30 minutes after the Party! Welcome to the world of the Updated Miche Stock counts. Every 10 minutes, the stock is updated! Run it on your tablet at the Party or run it on your iPhone in your car on the way to the Party. It will always be available to you through your Business Center in the Home Party Rep system. It will give you the information you need to close the sale at your Parties...

In recent months the Master Order Form has been shortened and affectionately called the MOF. I get emails all the time, in the middle of the night, on weekends..."Where is the MOF?" "Why haven't you sent the MOF?" "You haven't sent the MOF in a couple of days - Why?" "Is there something wrong with the MOF?" 

There will be two buttons with the new system: "Print" and "Download CSV"



If you click on the "Print" button you will see the following:

  • MB #
  • Product name
  • Status
  • Price  

The status field is colour-coded and has a description. The very first section of the report will show all of the items that have been recently retired. The rest of the report will show you the information in a format that is very similar to the current version.

Item Status

  • Retired
  • OK
  • Soon retired: If you see "Soon retired" this means there is LESS than 15 of that item.

Go ahead, Press the button (you know you want to) - see how easy it is! You can simply read it on the screen or you can print it like this:


Download CSV 

The other button "Download CSV" is great if you want to put display in a spreadsheet, rearrange the sheet, make the font bigger - or go really big. I asked the question on Facebook recently, about the MOF and all of the wishful thinking items you would like. The suggestions were:

  • how many items are left
  • larger font
  • break it down and have separate charts for each size
  • rearrange by MB number
  • alphabetical order
  • colour-code 

We are still monitoring the stock counts daily, we may add more levels if we find it useful and there may be a glitch as it still involves manual intervention, but it is the NEW and IMPROVED MOF. 


As always, we are open for suggestions but TRY it first. Feel free to email your likes, dislikes, "would love to haves" to

Brenda Glazier  

Introducing the NEW Master Order Form!
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