Miche App! – 11/19/2014

Miche Canada has updated our Android App! Learn more...


Check out the latest changes to the Miche app for Android.  Along with a cleaner look the new app features:

  • The ability to see all parties, orders and line items.
  • The ability to view your bank account and see recent activity
  • See all your customers active Gift Certificates with balances.

As always the app is constantly being updated, some new features we are working on:

  • The ability to merge individual gift certificates into one.
  • Access the lookbook from your phone
  • Delete orders
  • Make minor changes orders.
  • Completely manage parties from the app including creating customers, parties and orders. 

If you haven’t already downloaded the app onto your android device, it’s a great time to check it out.  



We welcome your input.  Contact us with any ideas or suggestions.  


We know your life is busy so we want to help you with your Miche Business! Your in a rush to eat dinner and to pack the car before your party that is at 7:00 pm on a Friday night. The last thing you have to do is to print off the latest Master Order Form. While you wait for it to print, you rush to brush your teeth and put your shoes on. Next thing you know, you are in your car driving and you left the MOF in the printer tray! With this app you will not have to worry about printing off the MOF last minute so it is up to date because you will have it where ever your phone goes! You will be able to quickly access the Master Order Form right from the party and know what is available.

Everyone is encouraged to download this App and it will help to make your life easier!

*IPhone App is currently in development*

Miche App! – 11/19/2014
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