Miche Around The World - 07/28/16

Miche Around The World - 07/28/16

Miche Canada, Miche Europe and Miche Australia have formed a fashion alliance to make Miche the brand of choice for women around the world. Today we are very excited to introduce Norma, the CEO of Miche Australia, our friend and woman extraordinaire.


Norma Rosenhain - Founder and CEO of Creata

Miche Australia


Norma Rosenhain is the inaugural recipient of the Australia – US Midwest Individual Award for Outstanding Achievement, for her success in launching the highly successful global marketing company, Creata.


On Australia Day 2015 Norma was given the Officer of the Order of Australia Award “For distinguished service to commerce, through business model innovation, to philanthropy, particularly supporting disadvantaged families in Asia, and to Australia –China relations.”


Creata was started as a uniquely Australian company, founded in 1973 following the birth of Norma’s second child. Norma decided to give up teaching and start a small business from her home in Baulkham Hills, NSW. Focused on the concept of sales promotions, premiums and prizes, Norma established Creata, allowing her to spend more time with her young children while she worked from a home office. Her own remarkable creativity and her children’s personal insights gave Norma a unique understanding of the premium and prize market in which she was engaged and drove Creata from humble beginnings to a worldwide force in full-service marketing and manufacturing. Creata is now a truly global organisation with 17 offices in 11 countries, 500 direct employees and 60,000 indirect workers. Norma remains the CEO of Creata to this day.


As of 2015, Creata remains a privately owned company that delivers effective consumer insights, gifts with purchase premiums, sales promotion sweepstakes, packaging, digital solutions and retail products for some of the world's largest companies. With over 30 global partners, including McDonald's, Kelloggs, Coca-Cola, DreamWorks and Electronic Arts, Creata products are distributed to more than 120 countries.


The company was a leader in the importation of a wide range of promotional items and premiums from Asia for the emerging Australian marketplace in the 1970s, establishing links with Chinese manufacturers shortly after Australia had recognised the Peoples Republic of China and long before the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou were noted global manufacturing hubs. Relationships with Kelloggs and Coca Cola provided the platform to expand the business internationally and the first overseas office opened in the USA in 1986. Creata achieved a major milestone in 1983, when it developed a relationship with McDonald's. Since then, Creata has been providing creativity, cost-effectiveness and quality of supply to the McDonald's System. This relationship steadily grew to where Creata now supplies approximately half of the McDonald's Happy Meal premiums worldwide.


Norma established Embrace International in 2006 as a charity to give back to the Chinese community. Embrace International provides scholarships, sponsorships, environmental projects and poverty alleviation. However, Norma's greatest passion is providing orphaned and abandoned children with nannies who give them the personal love and care they deserve. It is Norma's desire to see Embrace partner with many organisations and individuals who, together, will make a significant impact in the lives of not hundreds but thousands of orphaned and abandoned children.

"We are the luckiest ladies in the world to have someone of Norma's caliber join us on our Miche adventure. Read more about Miche Canada's relationship with Norma in today's Linda says" -Linda

Miche Around The World - 07/28/16
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Kim Edgar 06/09/2016 09:48 pm
Impressive achievements by Norna, she also took time to develop a way to give back - so wonderful. Miche is In good hands!
Kathy Pereira 29/07/2016 07:58 pm
Awesome news! I feel like a joined this company at just the right time...I fore see success!!
Jill Cook 29/07/2016 01:31 pm
This is such fantastic news! Goosebumps and total admiration for Norma and her success. We really are the luckiest ladies! Eeeek!

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