Miche Starter Kit! - 07/28/16

Miche Starter Kit! - 07/28/16

Miche Rep Sales Kit $299.99 price is here to stay!


We have found the Miche sweet spot for Sales kit pricing. Pricing high enough to discourage kit collectors but low enough that it is attainable for the women who are truly interested in building their own business. Moving forward our Miche Sales Kit will remain at $299.99. It is loaded with Shells that have a wide appeal and are available in multiple sizes, thereby pleasing all your Miche lovers.”


We have changed three of the Shells in the Starter Kit.

The changes are:

Petite: Alexa (MB5189) to Devanee (MB5171)

Classic: Red Ellie (MB1002) to Alexa (MB1267)

Prima: Jocelynne (MB7563) to Annistyn (MB7624)

It's the time for you to share your love of Miche and build your team. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy free Miche and earn extra money while having fun! 


The updated Information Package is available in the Resources. 

Miche Starter Kit! - 07/28/16
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Karen Masters 23/08/2016 11:26 am
Independent M Bassador
THANK YOU so much for giving me this awesome opportunity. I was just going to get my self a Classic Kit until I saw the Business Opportunity and NOW I don't have to decide what to choose, I can have it ALL
Beverley Rosebush 22/08/2016 05:22 pm
Received my kit and information and now I'm well on my way to place my first order. Thank you Miche Canada my kit helped with a lot of sales.

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