New Miche Designer - 07/28/16

New Miche Designer - 07/28/16

We are thrilled to introduce you to Annette, the co-inventor of Miche, who will once again be joining Miche as the head of  Miche's Designs!

Annette began her career in fashion as a buyer assistant in Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories at Within a few short months she was given the responsibility of developing the Footwear division (buying hundreds of thousands of shoes was certainly a dream job for her at 23!) It quickly became one of the top growth categories in the company as she created relationships with dozens of name brands, learning the industry as she worked attending the half-yearly shows in Las Vegas and New York. The excitement of following trends and selecting styles that would be appealing to customers, while negotiating affordable prices, was a challenge Annette embraced and excelled at.


In 2004 Annette left her promising career in order to focus on her growing family, and soon after was approached by her dear friend Michelle with the idea to create an interchangeable handbag. The opportunity to apply her industry knowledge combined with the flexibility of working from home was just what Annette was looking for, so she excitedly joined Michelle in creating this new concept. Together they came up with a prototype and met with sourcing agents to begin manufacturing the first Miche bags, naming them after Michelle whose idea started it all. The two of them created a home party distribution opportunity, with the dream of allowing other women the flexibility they themselves so desired. Seeing thousands of women embrace this opportunity was incredibly rewarding and inspiring for Annette. As the company continued to expand, Annette began to focus on international growth, moving to Germany in 2009 in order to bring this opportunity to women in Europe, in partnership with her sister and brother-in-law already residing there. After establishing Miche Europe, Annette returned to the US, ready for a quieter life raising her children and fulfilling her life-long dream of having a family. Her family in Germany kept her updated on the progress of the company, as well as keeping her closet stocked with the latest Miche shells and accessories.


When she learned in early 2016 that the company was closing its doors in the US, she was heartbroken. Her friends in Canada and Australia as well as her family in Europe were determined to continue and enlisted her help in establishing a new international distribution. She jumped at the opportunity to return again to working with Miche, excited at the prospect of designing again, and especially at the chance to re-connect with the women who had been such a source of inspiration for her in the past. As a single mom with 6 children, Annette loves having an excuse to stay up on the trends in apparel and accessories while enjoying the flexibility of being home with her children. Being able to continue this same vision she started with Michelle so many years ago is a dream come true.


"Welcome back to the wonderful world of Miche, Annette! We are thrilled you will be leading the way and that our voices will be heard again. Some of my all time personal favourite Miche Shells were created by you and Michelle (Miche's inventor) in the early years. I think your success and Miche's came from the fact you were and are in touch with hearts and minds of the everyday woman. Now with the power, resourses, experience and vision of our partners in Europe and Australia, we have the base to become the handbag of choice for all women. I know our women will want to share their design ideas with you and can do so by emailing subject: Design ideas. Ladies new to Miche can read the story of how you started Together we are strong! Thank you again." Linda

New Miche Designer - 07/28/16
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