Rep Locator - 10/08/14

Rep Locator - 10/08/14

Miche lovers will be able to contact you! Make sure we have all your correct and current information!


Miche Canada has been hard at work making changes to our Home Party Program. And one of those changes we promised you was the Rep Locator! Customers will be able to narrow down a Rep for them to contact to Host a party, to purchase from or to find out more information about becoming a Rep themselves!


How the Rep Locator works!


The Rep Locator is based off of lots of information. 

  • Your address is based off of your Billing address. On the map it shows you in a general area. It is not pin pointed to your exact location. It is up to you to give your customers your own address. 
  • The Locator will show up to 6 Reps for each search. 2 will be highlighted at the very top. These 2 Reps will be in a Manager Career Title status or higher. To be a Highlighted Rep build your team! 5 or more Active Reps will put you in that category.
  • The Locator's information will be updated weekly. So if you have moved, changed your billing address or have declined to be on the Map it will take time to update. If you do move it is very important to give your Account Manager that information right away so you can start to build your business in your new area.
  • If you decide to decline to be on the rep locator you can do so by checking the decline button in your home party rep system. Also notify your Account Manager so they can confirm it. If you have declined, it will take time to update.
  • The distance for the locator to work is based off of 200 km's for Highlighted Reps and 100 km's for Reps and Leaders. 

Being listed on the Rep Locator is a privilege not a right! Please follow through with inquires. If you are unable to be of assistance, please response to both the customer and inform your account manager.

Rep Locator - 10/08/14
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