It's All In The Bag! Contest 10/28/15

It's All In The Bag! Contest 10/28/15

We bet you have seen some crazy things that people carry in their purses! We want to hear about it!!

One of the best benefits of the Miche bag is that you never have to remove the contents of your bag when changing Shells. It's quick and easy for a new look in seconds and you do not forget your necessary items. But we do have a bad habit of filling our purses until they are close to exploding. I am a culprit of this. You never know what you will need and always want it at your finger tips. I have been told that when I am looking for something that it looks like I am digging to China.


In the spirit of Halloween that will soon be here, we want to hear about the crazy things you and your customers have in your Miche bags! If you have pictures that's even better! The best story or picture of the week will earn you a Miche Swag Prize! (Items that will not be sold)


Please send your stories or photos to Sharon at to be entered! Good Luck!


Week 1

October 7th to October 13th

Cherie T. - AB And your prize is.......  Glam Shell with matching handles
    *Glam Clutch not included*

"The Demi sized bag can carry all sorts of things! Mine holds a wallet, keys, compact, Miche leaflets, business cards, chap stick, eye glasses cloth, notebook, eye drops, toothpicks, cell phone, and seven-month-old! Wait a did she get in there?" - Cherie T.


Week 2 

October 14th to October 20th

France L. - QC And your prize is.......  Miche Shine Tote

"During a home party I did a quiz, "Do you have this thing in your bag?"

I showed a pair of socks, one attendee had a pair. I showed a box of candy, one attendee ask me, “does a bowl of flour count?” Lol, she had flour in her purse.!" 


Week 3

October 21st to October 27th

Christina L. - AB And your prize is.......  Large Miche Tote and 2 Luggage Tags

"Water bottles for 2 kids and snacks, change of clothes for my youngest and diapers and wipes, socks for both girls in case we end up at a play place and they have no socks and toys for my youngest. Of course along with my wallet, keys and phone."  That's a babified Miche!


Week 4

October 28th to November 3rd


Prizes will not be for sale (sorry)! Items will be awarded at the end of each week and will be sent with your next party order. 

It's All In The Bag! Contest 10/28/15
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