Miche Match-Up 11/26/15

Dare to mix your personal style.... Miche has so much to offer with just the change of a Shell and/or a Handle. 

What Style, Colour, Pattern or Shape is right for you...


The Navy Braided Handles (MB9730)

Navy blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability. Adding our Navy Braided Handles to your Miche bag will add all that and more! Elegance and Style where ever you go! These Handles are a staple to every Miche customer's collection. 


The pictures below will help you to figure out what works best with our Navy Braided Handles! We want to hear your option. Give us a Yay or Nay on the match ups.... Vote below for your favourites.


All about the Blue!

Blue with Blue.... Yes Please. 

  1. Petite Melinda (MB5195)
  2. Classic Meredith (MB1279)
  3. Classic Adrian (MB1171)
  4. Demi Hope Heart (MB3279)
  5. Demi Ione (MB3259)
  6. Demi Devonshire (MB3266)
  7. Prima Cindra (MB7586)
  8. Prima Hope Blue (MB7591) 

Colour Schemes 

  1. Petite Pippa (MB5162) Analogous Scheme
  2. Petite Alice (MB5128) Clash Scheme
  3. Classic Ellie Red (MB1002) Clash Scheme
  4. Demi Madison (MB3131) Split Complementary Scheme
  5. Velocity (MB3272) Analogous Scheme

Bring on the Blue Collections!


Classic Janelle (MB1187), Demi Joyanna (MB3112) & Prima Janice (MB7572)

You would never know that these handles were not released at the same time as this Shell Collection. It is a perfect match to these 3 Shells. 


Demi Dabney (MB3231) & Prima Dabney (MB7652)

Blue and Red may be classified as colours that Clash but with the darkness of the Navy Blue Braided Handles they look similar to black which makes the Red pop that much more!


Classic Jay (MB1274) & Demi Jay (MB3232)

Two shades from the blue family make it a party! The monochromatic colour scheme works great with this match-up for the Teal of the Jay Shells and the dark Navy of the braided handles. Gives you a refreshing look for this time of year.


Classic Annistyn (MB1245) & Prima Annistyn (MB7624)

This Primary Colour and Secondary Colour make an Analogous Colour Scheme. This picture does not do the purple justice. Put these two colours together and see what you think. With the added touch of gold these two shine!


Classic Feliz (MB1285), Demi Feliz (MB3244) & Prima Feliz (MB7664)

Bring on the Christmas season! This Split Complementary Colour Scheme makes the perfect addition to your Miche bag to help bring in the holiday cheer. The navy handles match the navy blue in the background of the Feliz pattern. Give it a try for your holiday parties this year! 


With so many options, there is no wrong answer. When you look good, you feel good and that makes it all worth it. Play around with all that Miche has to offer and show us what you come up with. 

Try the Miche Match-Up Challenge and email sharon@michebag.ca with your ideas.

Share them on Instagram and Pinterest and tag us!

Miche Match-Up 11/26/15
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