Miche Tips

I have been using the Facebook group regularly since becoming a rep. The friendship, guidance and support I find on there is incredible!

Learn how to make your Shells pop at Miche Parties! Leah M. shares her fashion secrets with you.

No time to make a Miche lookbook before your Party but have an iPad? Having Wi-fi or downloading troubles at your Parties? Sylvie's idea is genius! Read it here.

Party in a box! How you say? Read more from Rachelle, this method in particular has worked very well for her! 

Looking for ways to use the blank business cards we send out with your shipment? Read Bonnie's clever ideas here!

Laura is getting social with Miche! She is featuring our catalog on her Facebook Fan Page using a free app called ISSUU! We believe it's pronounced Issue! ;) As it turns out, Issuu is one of the largest publishing networks on the planet and it's free! Just sign up, upload your content and share on your Facebook with your friends. Create an account here!

Debra advises to have fun with the Americana! Your guests are sure to be sporting scarves at Miche Parties this Fall! To change the look of the Shell, all you have to do is change the ribbon or the scarf. From a classic white to a fun jewellery scarf, and to the wild side with different animal prints.