Booking Ideas! 10/07/15

Booking Ideas! 10/07/15

Learn how to get more Parties from your Showcase!

Maximize your Showcase to keep your Party momentum going. We have some ideas for you to use at your next party to keep the fun going with another hostess!


Booking Tree!

Using a visual tool like a Booking Tree to share your available dates at your home parties is the quickest way to solidify even more bookings. With a Booking Tree, you have complete control of your calendar. You already know what dates work for you and it is up to your potential hostess to pick one of your many dates you already have pre-selected for her to host a Miche Party.

Simply fill out your open/available party dates on the front of the cards and attach them to the booking tree by using a hole punch and ribbon. Inside the card you will need to write in a prize you would like to give away. 

The potential hostess will select a card and she will receive the corresponding prize at her party. That will also bring attention to the hostesse's guests that she is receiving yet another gift for having the party. Keep the cycle going.


Book to Look

Give every guest an envelope that says, "book to look" on the outside and tell everyone that they can only open it at the end of your demonstration if they plan on booking a party. Inside put either coupons or gift certificates for them to use at their own showcase. Everyone will be dying to see what they could receive so they book a show just to see what they can get.


Frequent Hostess Card

You have heard of the Frequent Buyer Card... Now try the Frequent Hostess Card. Reward you Hostesses for showing their love of Miche and for sharing it with others. One of these cards will fill up easily if you are re-booking your Hostesses for the new season's Shells. If they hold 5 Miche Showcases they will have earned another reward. With this and all the other specials Miche offers to our Hostesses they will accumulate a huge collection that all their friends will want!


Showcase Board


Having a board like this one shown here will work for all your future parties. It has many uses like showing the current Monthly Special, Become a Rep, Hostess Specials and Booking a party. Use this idea and make your own. See what you can come up with.


We are always looking for more ideas! If you have one or a Rep Tip send it to Sharon at Your idea could be featured in an upcoming Miche Weekly!

Booking Ideas! 10/07/15
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