Rep Tips - 02/25/16 - "Have Your Own Store!"

Rep Tips - 02/25/16 - "Have Your Own Store!"

Learn from successful Miche Reps and grow your business!

A Tip from Cindy T. - AB


I had this idea about a year ago and transformed a 13x13 room in my basement into the Miche Bag Room. Customers love it, they pop on over and never go home empty handed. The shelving is just closet shelves turned upside down and then triangle brackets behind the shelf to make it slant to hold the shells. I just use the rings to hang all the handles off the bottom rack. Also it is so easy to pack up for a party and to put back when I get home.





Thank you for sharing your great tip Cindy!


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Rep Tips - 02/25/16 - "Have Your Own Store!"
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