Rep Tips - 06/17/2015

Rep Tips - 06/17/2015

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A Tip from Shannon O. - AB


When trying to find an efficient way to display my shells I tried a few things and just couldn't get it right. Until last week that is! First I tried stuffing my shells with newspaper and putting a nice tissue paper in the top to make them look pretty. It worked, but I found they took up much more space on the table and it was a huge waste of paper as well which didn't sit with me well. I tried saving some small boxes and setting those inside the shells. That worked ok, but also was a lot of space to keep them stored and lugging them around from party to party. I then bought some cheap(but nice) small metal easel stands from the dollar store for $1.50 each. They worked great but I found that the shells were a little too top heavy and they fell over easily. So, this past week I got a brainiac idea and I cut out pieces of sturdy cardboard to fit in each shell to give them that little but of extra stability they needed! It worked great and the cardboard is super easy to stack and store tightly for future use, thus not taking up so much room and more environmentally friendly! A great display doesn't have to be expensive! :) 


The first one is of the three pieces separate to show what I used, the second is the shell without the cardboard, and third is the difference with the cardboard inside! 



Shannon O. 


Thank you for sharing your great tip!


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Rep Tips - 06/17/2015
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