Rep Tips - 06/17/2015 - "Customers Adding to Parties"

Rep Tips - 06/17/2015 - "Customers Adding to Parties"

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A Tip from Barbara M. - SK


What I have created is a step-by-step process manual for a customer placing their own orders. It has steps to show customers logging in, adding themselves to an existing party and completing the party order so it is added to the correct party. Email a copy to your customers so when they are in need of the information they will be able to put the order in correctly so the Hostess benefits from the order.

Click here to download Barbara's PDF.


Barbara M. 


Thank you for sharing your great tip!


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Rep Tips - 06/17/2015 - "Customers Adding to Parties"
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Barbara McKinnon 30/05/2016 11:07 pm
It works.....sometimes!
Customers still struggle with the concept of adding themselves to a party; I hope the new system under development will solve that issue, and I look forward to its release!

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