Rep Tips - 09/30/2015 - "Don't Forget Your Handle Collection!"

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A Tip from Barbara M. - SK


Here's a couple things I learned from M-Power that you could find useful....I've started incorporating this advice, and hoping for a positive impact on my sales!

From research conducted by Miche USA, it is clear that customers appreciate the ability to change the shell on their Miche bags to get a different look. However, they also REALLY like the opportunity to customize the overall "look" of the bag by also choosing handles to go with the shell of the day. Don't forget to take your handle collection to showcases, ladies-- and display bags with different handle configurations to spark interest and let clients know that the Miche shopping experience is all about the base + a shell (or two) + handles to complete the many looks of their purchase!

Wise advice....Keep track of your own sales. Do you know what size bag you have sold the most of; which size is second--and by what margin? What shell has been the most popular this month in every size? Second in popularity? Do you know which handles customers are selecting to go with particular shells? etc.  Clients appreciate these details--and it shows you really know your stuff!


Barbara M. 


Thank you for sharing your great tip Barbara!


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Rep Tips - 09/30/2015 - "Don't Forget Your Handle Collection!"
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