Rep Tips - 11/12/2014

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A Tip from Barbara M. - SK


It worked for me, and it could work for you!!!!

Clients often email me directly with their orders, and I pool several together to make a 'party.'  Normally, I am the hostess for such parties but recently I shared the opportunity with my customers.  One time I was short $30 to reach a party level, and the second time I was short $80.  In both instances, I simply posted a message to my Facebook page, inviting the size order I needed--and offering the free hostess shell to the first person to message me with an order matching that $ value.  It has worked!  Both times I received a response right away. I was able to reach the party level, complete each party, and make two clients extra happy with their new hostess shells.   


Barbara M.


Thank you for sharing your great Tip!


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Rep Tips - 11/12/2014
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Erna Woynarski 12/11/2014 03:27 pm
Great idea Barb!

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