Sell Yourself & Your Business! - 01/14/15

Sell Yourself & Your Business! - 01/14/15

Now you can grow your Miche business with Face Book Advertising!

Want to expand your business, sell more Miche and build your team?  Start advertising your Miche Face Book page (which you have linked to your personal Miche HPR site)  with Facebook Ads.


You can now advertise your Miche Business everywhere! This includes Paid Advertising. Whether it be for your business in general or an event that you might be at, this option is now available to you.   Market your business to get your name out there! Before you get started we would like to give you some tips on getting the best value for your buck.  


Facebook Ads let you pick your budget.  Find out what as little as $20 can do.

Pick your target your audience. You can target specific areas towards your business such as Interests, Gender, Age, Geography and that will draw people in and get them to take notice. Here are more examples of that in the picture. 


Whether you're looking to increase traffic and conversion to your page, drive local sales or increase your pages likes/engagement you can make it happen with Facebook Ads. Create an ad, complete with a visually stunning image and choose your targeting & pricing and your ad is ready to be viewed. Try to make it colourful and use Miche Shells and products that are currently available to be purchased. You don't want to draw people in with something they can not have. 


If you are looking to grow your Facebook Page Likes keep in mind that the more attention that you draw to your business the more you will need to stay on top of it. The best advise we can give to you is to make post daily to your customers to keep the your people reach up and have them engaged. Miche Canada's Facebook page is a great resource for you to use! You can share those posts with your followers and customers. Let us do the work for you and you can reap the rewards! Together we can share the Love of Miche to all Women in Canada! That is our goal... What's yours? 


Party on Ladies!


Need a little guidance or have tips to share please email Sharon at with your ideas. We would love to feature it in an upcoming article.

Sell Yourself & Your Business! - 01/14/15
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