Social Media Tips - 04/14/16

Social Media Tips - 04/14/16

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Get Social Media Savvy!

Social media is a key player in direct sales marketing, especially with the use of photos for Facebook and Instagram! A lot of you have this social media thing down, but for those who are looking for ideas and advice, here are a couple of tips to help drive more people to your website through these channels: 
1. Always share, comment and like the photos we post on our Miche Canada Facebook Page. The more you interact with our posts, the more people who are likely to see them. Along with liking your business pages, encourage your friends and family to like the Miche corporate page as well. The more likes we have, the more brand awareness we will obtain in the social media realm.
2. When sharing our posts, always create excitement with a fun comment, a call to action and link to your personal website. 
Example: Look at this great promotion happening now! Shop on my website to get 50% off these fabulous Shells!
3. When commenting on our posts, always make sure to keep them positive. If we share an image of the Layla Shell, comment on how you love taking her on vacation because of her tropical vibe. Creating interaction with these posts will create more sales that could possibly come through your site! You never know how someone might find you! Please remember that it is against our policy for Reps to share their personal websites through commenting, but adding it to a shared post is highly recommended.
4. Remember that while we provide images for your marketing purposes, we also encourage you to create your own! People want to see other people wearing the product, especially Reps. We are part of the fashion industry, but that doesn't mean you have to be a runway model to show off your style. Everyone has their own unique style that deserves to be seen! Post your outfit of the day and use the hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day) to show how you wear your Miche. This will ensure that people outside of the Miche world are seeing our products and how fab they look all put together.
5. When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are important! People follow certain hashtags and we want to appeal to those people. Research the different fashion hashtags you could and should be using. As for our main hashtag, ensure that when you post to Instagram you always use #michefashion. This gives everyone looking for Miche a one-stop-shop to see the different varieties in our product. 
6. Now, how do you take these pictures you ask? There are several options! Ask your friends or family to come over and do a fun day of photoshoots. What more do girls like than dressing up and taking photos? Buy a selfie stick or a tripod and take photos of yourself. Tripods are the easier way to go when trying to get your whole outfit in the photo. Both selfie sticks and tripods are relatively inexpensive and we know you'll have fun with it. Show off the different types of outfits you can wear with the same bag. Show off the different handle and hardware options you can use to switch things up. Get out there and take those fun and sassy photos--we can't wait to see them!
7. A couple of other things to keep in mind when using Instagram are: always follow @michecanada and tag us in your photos, share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site you use, finally make sure that you have your personal website link listed in your profile. This will ensure that anyone who is loving your photos can easily click to shop your website.
The moral of this social media story is to get Miche out there, EVERYWHERE! There are still so many people who don't know what Miche is and we need to find them and get them on this crazy Miche train that we all love! Save and Bookmark these links so you can be on top of the Miche News! Like us and we will share your information as well!


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Social Media Tips - 04/14/16
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