New Releases

Fall fashion at Miche keeps getting better and better! Introducing the Annistyn, Dominique & Hope (paisley), new Timeless and Snowflake Collection! These new Shells are stunning, take a peek! Oh, before we forget..have you met VIXEN?

Here’s a chic take on belt storage! Miche’s Cintura Bag is so versatile, you can wear it cross-body style or around the waist for the ultimate in hands-free convenience! Aimee has belt loops attached so you can attach it to your own belt as well! Great for travelling or as an accessory with your favourite Miche. Keep your passport and personal items close and your hands free!

They're here! We want to know what you think! Drop us a line in the comment section below. Have you had a chance to check out the Fall marketing materials yet? Find them in the Resource section. Having troubles logging in? Contact your Account Manager.

L'arrivée de nos coquilles nouvelles est imminente !Gardez un oeil pour le nouveau MOF. Ces coquilles sont les plus anticipées et nous vous promettons qu'elles vont valoir la peine. Ceci pourrait très bien être le plus grand mois excitant dans l'histoire de Miche - faites partie de l'histoire !



Each month Miche Canada offers new Shell Releases. The date of these Releases tends to coincide with the beginning of each month. Due to the power of the internet and our own Shell "sneak peeks," both Reps and the public are well aware of what is soon to be released. The anticipation is palatable. We are all so excited about what is to come, we tend to start promoting the New Releases and booking parties based on the newest Shells before they actually arrive.

They're back and they're timeless! From top left: Cynthia, Vivian (Mustard), Lynn, Lydia (Tan), Paige, Carolyn, Reni & Selena will be released on the Master Order Form (MOF) and website Friday August 30, 2013. 

Fall is almost here - that means it will soon be time to make that fresh start everyone is secretly excited about, unpack those sweaters and enjoy crisper evenings and the yearly display of nature's most glorious colours. We invite you to see what Miche has in store for the Fall of 2013.

They're in! The August Shells provide a perfect transition into Fall with shades of green, fuchsia, and fun patterns like camouflauge, delicate floral and equestrian chic! When the new Shells are released in Canada, your MOF (Master Order Form) will be updated!  


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