$1,000 + Parties - 11/26/15

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ladies. Learn how they did it here!

When you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you a Miche Shell. For having a $2,000+ Party, Reps and their Hostess will receive any Shell of their choosing (excluding the Luxe Line)


$2,000 Party!

Christine W. - AB - $2,070.00
"This was a wonderful party! My hostess invited everyone she knew and we had an amazing night! The wine was flowing, the laughter was infectious and the purses were flying everywhere! Everyone was modeling and we were changing straps and Shells like our life depended on it! It's been a while since I've hit the $2000 mark and it feels great! My hostess and I are pumped to get the Lisbon shell! A lot of these ladies were Miche virgins when they walked through the door... Not anymore! Now they are Miche lovers for life!!"

$1,000 Parties!

October 28th - November 3rd, 2015

Martin B. - QC -  $1,075.00
"My cousin's wife Christine had been wanting to hold a Miche party for a while now and the timing was never right. But she new she had a lot of people interested. We finally booked a date and she had 9 people show up. Wow it was overwelming. I had brought my luxe with me, the Florence, I sold 2 of them, one that I had in inventory already because I had thought of keeping it for myself :-). I would have sold 3 or 4 wallets had they still been available (I had one in inventory the black and white). Tonight I am meeting with someone who is interested in becoming a Miche rep yeah! We had set up 4 computers and Ipad so everyone could find what they were looking for and know right away if it was available. I am going to be able to pay for my horsebackridding lessons that I wanted for a while now :-)"
Shannon O. - AB -  $1,165.00
"This was only my second home showcase to be hosted by somebody other then myself. The hostess was a guest at my first party! She was a lovely hostess and we all had a really fun time. I was pretty nervous. Although, some of the guests were returning customers that I've had the opportunity to get to know, there were quite a few "new to me" guests as well. They were all very nice, fun ladies and it didn't take me long to feel comfortable with them. I am a fairly new rep, and speaking to a group was never something I envisioned myself doing! But, it seems to be getting easier and easier every time. The sales were a joint effort between the equally lovely ladies at the party, some "book" sales generated by the hostess outside of the party, and a few orders that I had come in personally. The hostess is very excited to be getting her classic kit and an extra set of handles completely free this week, and I'm excited to have generated enough sales to make banking them worth while. I'll be saving them for the November releases to display in the big Christmas show I have coming up! Yay Miche!! "  

November 4th to November 10th, 2015

Angela B. - ON -  $1,670.00
"This was a party that resulted from a previous party. There was about 10 to 15 women at this party and they were very excitable. They asked lots of questions and I actually learned a lot from this party, as in more so what people are looking for. For example, I realized that I didn't have enough in the way of handles in my kit in order to provide the ladies with options. Having said that, I was able to help them out just the same and it was a great day. I think that with each party, we learn something. I tried something new, I had a trivia game for them to play and the winner will receive a coin purse. I had another game to play as well "whats in your purse", but they were all just excited to see each other and to "shop" so we didn't get that one done! :)"
Barbara M. - SK -  $1,505.00
"A Miche fan's addiction is contagious! The hostess of this party received her very first Miche from a good friend for Christmas last year. She wanted to share her love of the product with family, friends and residents in a senior's retirement residence where her mom lives. She booked the games room for the party and opened it to her mom's friends as well as her own. Several purchased Christmas gifts; others spoiled themselves. The end result - a $1500+ party and a hostess who is very pleased with over $200 in free Miche."
Cindy T. - AB -  $1,115.00
Greta-Lynn D. - NB - $1,205.00
Kathy H. - BC - $1,535.00
"This was a "repeat" hostess. She had a party a few months ago and wanted to have another for some ladies who couldn't make it last time and do some Christmas shopping too! What can I say! Miche does all the work, I just show up with the goodies and the ladies just can't help themselves! It truly is "just that easy"! I am having so much fun with it, I LOVE my Miche! Thanks to you girls for keeping us up to date online, and Moira for fixing our booboos."
Lori F. - MB - $1,535.00
"I met my hostess Bonnie, at a summer Vendor and Craft Sale. She bought the Demi and loved the Miche style so much she phoned me to have a party. The ladies were thrilled to get a free shell with November's special. With Christmas coming so soon, some guests did there Christmas shopping also. November is a win win situation for the hostess and guests. I love it!!"

November 11th to November 17th, 2015

Christine W. - AB - $1,755.00
"I had a wonderful hostess who is now a Miche lover for life! It was a great party as she filled her house full of family and friends kittens and grandkids. The purses were flying and we were having tons of fun!! A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!"
Christine C. - NB - $1,260.00
"This party is all Thanks to my leaders Erika & Nancy Noël. One of their Reps could not do an already booked show and Nancy was working her 12hrs shift with no other French Rep in the area available.   So I called the Hostess to introduce myself and coached her for a successful turn out as we only had 6 days before the party and to make my 3hr drive one way worth it, I was aiming for at least a $1000 show. I created a Facebook Event and advise the hostess to call her invites to remind them of the  show. I requested to know approximately how many people she was expecting. I would call her the day before so I can prepare myself. This way the hostess needs to contact her people. Before the show, I've asked that we all keep Michelle B., our Miche sister and friend in our thoughts today as she is going a rough patch. This was a booking from the same group of friends who brought other family members to see the magic of these wonderful purses!  I love seeing their faces when they see this concept for the first time!! We had fun and I made sure I had lots of new items to show. Thanks to Nancy &  Erika for asking me to do this show & lending me some of their Miche items. They are the best!"
Christine S. - AB - $1,270.00
Christine S. - AB - $1,180.00
"As always a lot of excitement with the bags (they really do sell themselves)! The Uptowner Shell seems to be quite popular (especially with the navy braided straps) and the Demi Dabney is by far my number one seller. Looking forward to my next Miche bag evening!"
Kathy S. - BC - $1,060.00
"This party was a lot of fun!! Great mix of ladies that already carry Miche on a daily basis to Miche newbies!"
Paula M. - ON - $1,180.00
Susan H-B. - AB - $1,095.00
Jill C. - AB - $1,205.00
"After school party in a high school staff room, with repeat customers...who brought friends! 6 attended, but they like to buy into upselling. ;) Oh! Having a great promo, with desirable shells is an easy way to do boost sales."
Erna W. - SK - $1,750.00
"This party was my Open House. I send out a monthly newsletter to my customers and this month I invited them to my Open House. I let them know about our wonderful special for the month and our beautiful new releases. I let them know that my door prize would be a Demi kit and that they would earn tickets for the draw. On November 4, I did a pre-Christmas event at a business where people could shop on their coffee and lunch breaks. Several vendors were in attendance. Sales were pretty good, but you could tell some people felt rushed in making a decision. I suggested that they come to my Open House where they could take more time shopping. I handed out cards with my info. I used a Miche template, personalized it and then saved it as a picture file. I sent it to Costco and had prints made at 10 cents a copy. 

November 18th to November 24th, 2015

Kathy H. - BC - $1,250.00
"This party was hosted by one of my coworkers. She had invited a lot of ladies and some of them brought friends. I did a quick presentation and then let them loose playing with the different bases, shells and handles.... That is what sells the product, it's like playing Barbies! It was a lot of fun!"
Sylvie B. - NB - $1,065.00

What happens when you have a $2,000 Party? 

You earn $400 - $700 in CASH (depending on your commission rate) for having the time of your life! And, you earn hundreds of dollars in free product incentives for YOU and your HOSTESS! Learn how to party with a purpose and read our Hostess Handbook.

$1,000 + Parties - 11/26/15
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