$1,000 + Parties - 12/23/15

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ladies. Learn how they did it here!

When you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you a Miche Shell. For having a $2,000+ Party, Reps and their Hostess will receive any Shell of their choosing (excluding the Luxe Line)


$2,000 Party!

Andrea R. - SK - $2,000.00 - December 8th
"What a great party! One of my repeat customers offered to host a pre-Christmas Miche party. She is a good friend and fellow Miche lover. Her love of the product aided in the selling of products to repeat and new Miche customers. Also, this Miche adventure is something that my teenage daughters and I carry out in teaching them business skills. Having them involved helps tremendously in sales and in keeping up the energy during the party and after. This party wasn't without its glitches and questions but in the long run it was more than worth it! Hoping for many repeat and returning happy Miche customers. Thank you Miche!"

$1,000 Parties!

November 25th -  December 23rd, 2015

Angela B. - ON -  $1,090.00
"This was a fun party because it was a woman from work and she invited all of her hockey mom friends. They were all pretty excited because they actually had a Friday night where they didn't have to be at the arena and could hang out together, have a glass of wine and shop! They were all very pleasant and excited about the product and are looking forward to my updates and reminders as things get better and better with Miche!  "
Christy R. - MB -  $1,015.00
"This was my 5th Annual Open House (wow how times flies). I love hosting this annual event as it gives me a chance to see a lot of people that I have met over the years selling Miche."  
Kim C. - NS -  $1,270.00
"These are my Sheet Habour ladies; they really do love their Miche! More than five (5) years ago, I was approached by another Rep to do a party in Sheet Harbour as she felt it was too far for her to travel at the time. I have been going back to Sheet Harbour on a regular basis ever since to "party" with these ladies....or others that these ladies have referred me to. Small communities rock!!...and they provide a great opportunity to see your own province."
Leah M. - ON -  $1,085.00
"This hostess just really loves her Miche bag! She even thinks this is something she could do! It was a group of ladies that all worked together plus some neighbours. People really do mirror your attitude... the hostess and I were beyond excited and that came through :)"
Christine W. - AB -  $1,040.00
Gem Cheeseman. - SK -  $1,040.00
"Doris was my first online party. I met her at a trade show and she couldn't make her mind up on what size she wanted. I suggested that she host a party and maybe get it ALL FREE! She never in her wildest dream thought she knew enough people. Dreams do come true and she in now a proud owner of a classic and a demi! It was fantastic!"
Leah M. - ON -  $1,085.00
"Third party for this hostess and she always puts out fried chicken at her parties! We joke that it must be the reason they're so successful lol! She was at the $1000 mark after her party, but knowing she could get $150 free product at the next level, she worked her butt off to achieve it ;)"
Lana A. - AB -  $1,290.00
"It was our local Christmas craft show and sale and since I already had a booth for my homemade items I thought I would take a little corner and display my Miche, this truly amazing product sells itself!"
Brigitte G. - QC - $1,320.00
Jillian N. - PEI - $1,070.00

What happens when you have a $2,000 Party? 

You earn $400 - $700 in CASH (depending on your commission rate) for having the time of your life! And, you earn hundreds of dollars in free product incentives for YOU and your HOSTESS! Learn how to party with a purpose and read our Hostess Handbook.

$1,000 + Parties - 12/23/15
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