Introducing the Top Earners of 2015!

2016 so far has been a very busy and exciting year with many new opportunities and major changes. This year we have opened up sales to the USA, added free matching Carabiners for all Gold and Brass Shells, added a Quick Start/Kick Start Program, lowered the price of Wallets/Hip Bags and have revamped our Specials so that customers always get a third Shell or an amazing added value free. Not to mention, we have lowered the price of the starter kit by a substantial amount.  There is so much more to come and for us to share that we are hoping you will stay in touch all summer long as Miche is changing and it's all good. As much as we are excited about the future it is important that we also celebrate and honour the Miche Reps that excelled in the past year. This is an amazing group of women who look at any challenge and see the opportunity. We are honoured these woman choose Miche as their Home Party Company, thrilled to celebrate their achievements for 2015 and delighted that they and you will be joining us on our new adventure in 2016. All hail our Top Earners of 2015.


Earning the Top Earner title is not only the end result of a successful year but also the beginning of a wonderful new journey... It is the beginning of anything you want! Your achievement stands alone, you earned great money, wonderful incentives and built your Miche Business. You are spreading your love of Miche and we wanted to thank you for that.


Please take some time to congratulate this wonderful and hard working group of ladies!   


Without further ado we are pleased to announce the 

$50,000+ in Retail and Team Sale Commissions
Kimberley Latvala - Alberta Sylvie Boucher - New Brunswick
$30,000+ in Retail and Team Sale Commissions
Barbara McKinnon - Saskatchewan
$15,000+ in Retail and Team Sale Commissions
Kim Campbell - NS Michelle Bertin - NB Christine Wales - AB Jill Cook - AB
Nettie Schmidt - AB Sandi Bench - ON

Erika Lynn &

Nancy Noel - NB

Leah Mitchell - ON

Miche Champions!


Top Reps with the Most Parties in 2015


63 Parties


Kimberley Latvala


43 Parties

Sylvie B. - NB       Kimberley L. - AB      

33 Parties


31 Parties

Barbara M. - SK       Erika Lynn & Nancy N. - NB      

23 Parties


21 Parties

Michelle B. - NB       Kim C. - NS      

21 Parties


20 Parties

Christine W. - AB       Valerie M. - NS      

Top Reps $2,000 Parties in 2015


Top Reps with the Most Big Parties ($1,000 or more)


Michelle B. - NB - $2,456

Sandi B. - ON - $2,174

Josee M. - QC – $2,077

Christine W. - AB – $2,075

Debra A. - MB – $2,017


Sylvie B. - NB – 15 parties of $1,000 or more

Barb M. - SK – 11 parties of $1,000 or more

Michelle B. - NB – 9 parties of $1,000 or more

Christine W. - AB – 9 parties of $1,000 or more

Kimberley L. - AB – 8 parties or more


Thank you again to all our Top Earners!

Our high achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners will be receiving a very special gift box in June with their Party Order of hand selected exclusive Miche items, not available to the public, that we are sure will tickle them pink! (Ladies please post your amazing loot on the rep group for all to see)

Next year, we want to see your name included with the Top Earners and together we can make it happen. Yes truly, with the recent developments in Miche and our new world wide buying power we are developing a new Miche program designed to give you and your customers more! We are changing and it is all good! So let's see your name here for the 2016 totals. Have an amazing year, talk to as many people as you can, share your Miche love and your business will grow!

* to recieve Gifts, Miche Rep must have a Party Order and be in good standing according to the Miche contract.

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Christine Wales 23/06/2016 12:31 am
Such a wonderful group of ladies and an amazing company to be a part of!
Erika-Lynn Noel 22/06/2016 02:30 pm
Congratulations Ladies! :D Keep up the great work!
Kimberley Latvala 19/06/2016 04:59 pm
Congrats to a job well done ladies!
Melody Fast 01/06/2016 01:55 am
Ladies, amazing job on your great year! Well done!
Samantha Lounsbury 27/05/2016 11:01 am
Congratulations to all the top earners!

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