Rep of the Month - Christine W.

Rep of the Month - Christine W.

The world of Miche would like to congratulate Christine W. from Alberta for being our Rep of the Month for October.

I was shocked and thrilled to hear I was named Rep of the Month!! What an amazing honour! You may also know me by my alter ego "Red Ella Bride" on Facebook. I had the privilege of owning the first Red Ella shell in Canada, a perfect match to my red wedding shoes to walk me down the aisle. I can't believe I have been a rep for five years! My how time flies when you are ... Selling Miche.


It all started with my ever growing Miche collection, which easily turned into impromptu Miche demonstrations wherever I went. It was driving my man crazy. He finally said,"That's it! You need to start selling these!" And so my Miche adventure began...


My husband is still very supportive with all of my Day to Day Miche. He's an amazing "Miche Van Loading Technician", and one heck of a good stamper! We now also have two little Miche minions in training. They seem to pride themselves in unloading the new boxes! They are super fast but seem to like the boxes more than the bags.


My love of Miche also compliments my other passion, dog training! Do you know how many hostesses say, "please excuse my dog, he's not very well trained" Or vice versa, I go into someone's home to do a private lesson and they compliment my purse! So a lot of my clients are utilizing both of my areas of expertise! Right now I am actually enrolled to take a five day training session with Cesar Millian. So hopefully by next week I will have a picture with Cesar and Harmony! 


Hosting an annual Miche Swap & Sale for my clients has also been an innovative way for people to get a new look in a new way: get rid of unused shells, find new treasures and meet other Miche collectors like themselves. New shells are always available so they can then use the money they just made selling their unwanted Miche to buy something new to update their collection! Parties are always a blast! I love starting my parties by asking,"how many of you have never seen Miche before?" If any of them respond, I tap my fingers together and reply, "I love Miche Virgins!" We always have lots of laughs!


It is wonderful working for such an amazing company. I love how accessible everyone is at head office, no matter what the topic is. There are few companies you can email the CEO directly and get a personal response. Linda, Brenda and Moira along with all the rest of the head office staff, from accounting to the people in the warehouse I thank you! Without you I would not be where I am today!


Christine Wales aka Red Ella Bride

Rep of the Month - Christine W.
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