March 2016 Special; It's a SHELL-A-BRATION!

March 2016 Special; It's a SHELL-A-BRATION!

It's a SHELL-A-BRATION and you're invited!!!  Please note Demi Layla will replace Demi Alicia when stock retires.

No better way to start a new season than with a Huge Sale! At this price you can buy them all. These selected Shells will fit perfectly into your Spring wardrobe and give you a wide variety of patterns and colours to brighten your day.


How it works

Purchase as many Selected 50% off Miche Shells as you would like! No Minimum Purchase and No Limits! Discount does not apply when purchased in a Kit or Bundle.

Special will run from March 1st, 2016 12:30pm EST to April 4th, 2016 12:00pm EST


Selected Shells available in Special:


Classic Shells

MB1197 (2)
  Jasmine MB1197 Dorinda MB1295 Chloe MB1136 Annistyn MB1245
Interchangeable Straps (Orange) MB9213

Offer the Orange Interchangeable Handles with each Dorinda Shell.

They match perfectly and you could offer it as a bundle price of $25.00!


Demi Shells

Demi Rosa MB3260
  Sally MB3225 Layla MB3262 Colton MB3224 Rosa MB3260
MB3124 (1)
  Patty MB3124      

Prima Shells

MB7585 (1)
  Ryann MB7576 Amanda MB7577 Farrah MB7580 Hope Argyle MB7585

To Purchase the Special:

Add to your cart the selected 50% off Shells that are to be purchased. *Note: Shells will not be discounted if they are purchased in a Kit or Bundle.* 

If the steps have been followed correctly, the Shells will appear half price (50% off) during the checkout process.

Continue with the checkout and payment process. The order will then be complete.

Find the updated Special in our Resource section.


Fine Print:

It’s a SHELL-A-BRATION! | Purchase any of the selected Miche Shells for 50% off | Shells included are * Classic - Dorinda (MB1295), Chloe (MB1136), Annistyn (MB1245) & Jasmine (MB1197) * Demi - Sally (MB3225), Colton (MB3224), Patty (MB3124), Rosa (MB3260) & Layla (MB3262) * Prima - Hope Argyle (MB7585), Farrah (MB7580), Ryann (MB7576) & Amanda (MB7577) | Special does not apply when redeeming incentives | Offer available exclusively through Miche Canada’s Independent Home Party Reps | No Substitutions | While supplies last | Gift certificates exclusively for (and subject to) offers available when redeemed | Promotion will run from March 1st, 2016 12:30pm EST to April 4th 2016 12:00pm EST | Any misuse of the special to obtain free product could result in the cancellation of the party | Offer is subject to change without notice.|


Save it to your computer. Download the Special from the Resource section. Print.

  1. Open file, click "file," "print." Before printing, check your printer's options and settings. Look for options such as "fit to page" or "landscape" which will allow you to fill the page. Contact your printer administrator for more details or if all else fails, Google it :)

Change your Splash Page!

  1. From your website, click on 'Admin' found in the main header
  2. Just below, click on 'Content'
  3. On the left-hand side, below 'Corporate Pages', click on 'Representative Content'
  4. Under 'Representative Content', click on 'Home-Rep(Options:2)'
  5. On the right-hand side, below 'Home-Rep(Options:2)', click on 'Edit Page'
  6. Below the Content Options, click on 'Special Offer'
  7. On the bottom right-hand side, click on 'Default Content'
  8. Click 'Save' and then 'Close'


  • Visit the Miche Canada Facebook Fan Page to see the NEW SPECIAL! Click "Share" to share it on your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Share this link in an e-mail by clicking "Send to a friend" below or simply copy and paste this link to share.


Find the new Special in the Resources section of the weekly here!


Beat the rush. Close your orders before the Special ends.

There is always time to Share Some Miche Love! It's a Miche beautiful day, don't let it get away.

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March 2016 Special; It's a SHELL-A-BRATION!
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