Linda Says - 01/14/16 - "Inside Scoop"

Do you love this month’s Special? I hope so! 


It truly is a gift to you and your customers. A Base bag and a Shell for $39.99, it would make sense to stock up while you can. We are starting the year with a great boost to your business and plan to continue the momentum all year through with the following items.

  • Rep 24 Hour Sales. For exclusive items not available on the Miche Public site or to the customers.  This is our treat just for you. See the article in today’s Pulse for our first item.
  • New HPR site! We have joined up with 10 of our outstanding Miche Reps to help fully develop your new HPR site.  Between these ladies they have years of experience with Miche and other Home Party business and will bring their knowledge of what’s important to the new site. Look forward to learning more in future weeks.
  • New Fashion, each Month, all year long! We will be adding New Releases to our Master Order Form so that you always have something to peak your customers interest.
  • Timeless Shells each month. Along with our New Releases we will be introducing new Timeless Shells. Timeless Shells are Shells that have been in our system, did incredibly well and sold out quickly and we are now lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring them back.  They are proven great sellers and we have ample supplies so that you may sell them month after month and continue to reap the rewards of a single purchase.
  • New Products! Moving forward we are going to introduce “Guest Products”. These will be items outside of Miche that will compliment your Miche business, tickle your fancy (no not in that way ;0 ) and be a great sideline at your Parties.
  • Leaflets on point! We have shortened our ordering process for leaflets so that they reflect the newest stock and the Retired items are removed.

This year promises to truly live up to its name and be “Sweet 16”.  Thanks for joining us for the adventure and I look forward to the journey with you.


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 01/14/16 - "Inside Scoop"
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