Linda Says - 02/11/16 - "Compliments on your Miche!"

How many times do people comment on your Miche Bag when you are at the store, a soccer game or work? 

It happens all the time, and it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce Miche to someone new. So do more than accept those compliments about your fabulous bag, turn them into leads—here’s how:


• When they pay you a compliment about your handbag say something like,“Thank you! I love my bag! It has interchangeable magnetic Shells so I can change the look of it without taking everything out and transferring it to a new bag. Let me show you how.” Then show them how it works!


• Most likely you’re going to hear something like,“Wow, that is really cool!” Don’t let the conversation stop there; follow up and say, “It is! This bag has changed my life. I love it so much that I’ve started my own business selling Miche Bags like this one.” Then share your 30-second commercial about your Miche business.


• Keep the conversation going by saying something like,“I can get you a really good discount on this bag.”Then
tell her how she can earn Miche Bags free and/or at a discount by hosting a fun Party with 10–12 of her 


• Next you’ll need to exchange contact information. Give her a brochure or your business card, point out your contact information and then ask for hers. A great tip is to have a blank note attached to all of your brochures so that when you hand one out you are reminded to ask for their contact info right then and there.


Let her know you’ll call her in the next day or two to answer any questions she might have and in the meantime she can visit your Personal website to see the different sizes and styles of Miche Bags.


Your bag is the perfect conversation starter and can help you find new booking and sponsoring leads. So make the most of every compliment and introduce more people to the Endless Possibilities of Miche!


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 02/11/16 - "Compliments on your Miche!"
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