Linda Says - 03/10/16 - "Spring Forward With Your Miche Business"

Spring is in the air, bright colours are in fashion, women are going out and enjoying the weather once again.

March and April are great months to restart and build your Miche business. Mother’s Day is coming up May 8th. “No Home Party Leads,” you say, already sold to all your friends? Create your own luck! Here is an idea that’s perfect for those Reps who really want to take their business to the next level. It is a way to gain a ton of leads for bookings, sales and building your team.

  • Go to a local restaurant, store or office and ask to set up a little Miche display (inside or out) for an hour during lunch, in the evenings or on a weekend
  • Tell the business you will be attracting attention to them in a positive way (this is where your people skills come in) and giving out free gifts
  • Purchase fresh flowers, candies or little gifts and attach your Miche business card picture to hand out
  • And offer a draw for someone to win a gift basket

Hand out your small free gift to each woman who walks in and suggested that she sign up for the draw.

  • Be prepared to demonstrate your Miche, invite women to a Party you have on your calendar, explain how you can help them host.
  • Men need Mother’s day gifts, remind them
  • Be respectful of the business you are working in (no cash sales just orders and promo)

Can this work? Yes absolutely. You have to be willing to ask and to hear the no's, but if you are willing you will also hear "YES that's a great idea and we would love to have you back!" Why am I so sure. Because before I ever talked the talk, I walked the walk. I made many deals like this with small independent businesses, then Shoppers, Home Hardware, The Bay, Sears and Costco. Empire building is done with little tiny steps. Start your journey today.


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 03/10/16 - "Spring Forward With Your Miche Business"
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