Linda Says - 07/28/16 - "Miche Is Changing And It Is All Good!"

Linda Says

Miche just keeps getting better and better.


This month we are able to officially introduce you to both Annette and Norma, next month we will introduce our European partners. If I could close my eyes and dream about how I would like Miche to develop, I do not think I would dare to dream as large as our reality has become.


Has it sunk in yet who Norma Rosenhain is? Norma is more than our Australian Miche partner, she is one of the richest most powerful women in the world. We are talking Oprah type money and influence. Norma has homes in Australia, Hong Kong and the USA and as she travels between them, no suitcases are necessary, as every home is completely stocked. So why is a woman of Norma’s status involved in Miche? Norma has the resources to do anything in the world she wants to and she wants to sell Miche. Just for the fun of it. Just like you and I but on a grand scale. Norma has access to factories around the world, she herself is on the front line of fashion and she has a personal support team of advisors for designs, fashion and fabrics. Norma’s team will be our “feet on the ground” at factory level ensuring that we can have what we want, when we want it and the goods are quality manufactured.


What impresses me most about Norma is, Norma. Norma is my new personal role model; she is soft spoken, humble, frugal, thoughtful, physically fit, fashionable, in a loving marriage and working for the sheer joy of it. She displays none of the arrogance, crudeness or brassiness of a Trump or any of the Kardashian’s.  Who may be powerful people but I have no desire to spend time with them. My daughter and I however had the absolute pleasure of visiting with Norma and her husband Trevor in Chicago at her offices. Norma was a teacher, then had a little home business doing stickers (remember the Tony the tiger iron on patches in your morning cereal – that was Norma!)  Norma is responsible for all the toys you have ever received with a happy meal and the Coca cola polar bears too - a true cultural icon- wow I could go on but I will leave it for another day) and imagine my delight in offering Norma as a role model in grace and humility to my daughter who like all young women today is inundated with people of social media fame.


Norma will be the glue that binds our new worldwide Miche family, she has the resources to give it structure and power. Annette, our Head Miche Designer will be the visionary, leading us as we develop new styles and release the latest in trends and Europe will be the heart of Miche, making sure all the pieces of this new fashion legacy are connected and that we are truly an international fashion house. (Next month the Pulse will feature an introduction to the people behind Miche Europe.)


As time goes on, I hope to share more about our amazing new Miche family, for each of them are truly inspiring and we are grateful to associated with them.


Oh, I forgot to say how I fit in …. I am the sales person of course, some things never change. ;)


Have a great August, keep sharing your Miche love and plan now for an exceptional fall.  As I keep saying, Miche is changing and it is all good!


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 07/28/16 - "Miche Is Changing And It Is All Good!"
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Lucie Levasseur 28/07/2016 09:41 pm
How exciting! Thank you Linda!
Lucie Levasseur 28/07/2016 09:40 pm
How exciting! Thank you Linda!

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