Linda Says - 11/12/15 - " Tips!"

Simple tips that will increase your sales

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    Smile, smile, smile….are you smiling yet?
  2. What colour is that Shell? Learn your colours. Test yourself
  3. Know your business. Print out and keep as handy reference: Hostess Chart, Info Pack.
  4. Utilize social media; Be a member of the private Miche Rep group. Share posts from Miche Canada Facebook.
  5. Have a couple of go to sentences when showing a Shell. (Share yours in the Rep group)
  6. Always invite your current host to book a date for her next Party 3-4 months after her current Party.
  7. Know what dates you are available for parties and carry a calendar.
  8. Have a 30 second pitch: Woman in elevator, “Oh, I love your purse” What will you say? Practice.
  9. Sell the idea of Hosting first, then attending a Party, then a web order… do not jump to web ordering first.
  10. Smile, enjoy and Share the your Miche love.

All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 11/12/15 - "Tips!"
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