Linda Says - 12/10/15 - "Let’s talk Miche!"

Oh my, December already! Time flies.

So much to do still, shopping, Christmas Parties, baking exchange, Secret Santa’s. People, people everywhere. It’s time to be social but first let’s talk Miche.


There has been a demand for a basic Black Petite Shell for a while. The basic black Alana makes the perfect bag for every day and Alice, Cindy and Inga have an elegant edge for the Christmas/New Year celebrations. December is always a good month to offer customers a Petite Miche.


Nobel is a fun Shell, sometimes we just have to create our own cheer. I can imagine going ice skating on the Rideau Canal or sitting in the ski lodge sipping a hot chocolate with Nobel by my side. No one can ever be sad with plaid! 


Demi Gizell, Ooh, la la! With the silver chains and the rolled Taupe handles, it it going to be on every woman’s must have list. Prima Devanee has a di-cut pattern that gives a basic neutral Shell a touch of sass. Whatever Shell you pick Miche is never boring.


Miche’s entire Shell selections are the most diverse, complete collection of Shells I have ever seen. If you share your Miche love, you will sell this month. While you are out there talking with friends and acquaintances start planning for January. I know, I know, after Christmas you kind of forget about your Home Party Business and cocoon for the winter. This year you don’t want to do that with Miche because in January we are going to have a sale like we have never had before. I can’t tell you too much right now but I will tell you, all the women you have spoken to over the years, who said they love Miche but could not spend X dollars on a purse will in January have the opportunity to own a Miche of their own. 


It will be win, win, win. You will make money in January (everyone wants extra money in January)… your long time hesitating customers will finally get a Miche bag and/ or be able to purchase a new will be that affordable and all these extra sales may even earn you a place on the Miche Cruise.


I just couldn’t wait until January to tell you the news. So go out there have a great Christmas and let’s work to keep your positive momentum going right through the New Year.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada

Linda Says - 12/10/15 - "Let’s talk Miche!"
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