Linda Says - July 17 2013

Linda Says

Brenda and I had an amazing adventure last week at Miche Elevate. International company heads from all over the world were invited to attend the conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I joined the CEO's from Miche England, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia and Russia for a wonderful week full of fashion and news.  

The highlights:



Miche is launching a new line of jewelry in the USA with their Home Party Reps. This will be an add-on to Miche handbags. It is a test and is not yet available for international purchase. Miche Canada will access the sales of the jewelry in the USA and consider it as a potential new product for 2014. In the meantime, we have brought back with us many different pieces and you can look forward to receiving them as contest prizes and for recognition rewards (details to come). 


A new infomercial has been produced to educate and draw new customers to the Miche brand. We are very excited about its potential to draw in new people who have never considered Home Party shopping. Although airing in the USA, all Canadian leads will be allocated to our Reps. We will provide you with details of how you can become involved before airing.

Miche continues to expand its product lines and give women more and more choices. We were able to see the new Shells scheduled to be released, as well as prototypes. You and your customers are going to love what you see. See the August 2013 Sneak Peek and learn how you can win! 

Wait until you see what we have in store for you!  We purchased a shopping cart full of the best Miche branded items we could find (to give away) and are busy making back-room deals in order to add some of the very coolest items to our MOF (Master Order Form). 

Yes we said it, trips! What's better than hearing about what a great time someone else had? Having a good time yourself!  And - what's better than having a good time yourself?  Having a good time with your Miche friends! And - what's the ultimate trip? ...having a good time, with your Miche friends and having Miche pay for it.....that's what we want to do.

We are working really hard to make your dreams a reality. Stay in touch to find out all the details. Great fashion, incentives, rewards and trips. With Miche, it is all good.

-- Linda

Linda Says - July 17 2013
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