Linda Says - July 24 2013

Linda Says

While in the States, I repeatedly heard from the American Miche Reps " I had to scale down my demo kits to grow my business." Big sales kits equal big sales, right? Not necessarily. If you carry (almost) all the Shells to a party, which Shell does your guest want to see? The one you don't have of course! Because you carry so many, they expect you to have and show them all.

If you reduce your Miche Sales Kit to just the basics and put it in one suitcase, (be sure to include leaflets, swatch cards, etc.) you have enough to introduce the Miche brand. With this method you sell the three parts of our program equally; the Miche bags, the idea of Hosting and the idea of becoming a Rep.

The Miche product

Women do tend to buy what you bring to the Party. Switch it up for each party and give them a reason to buy.

  • “The Red Ellie is my best seller, she is bold and powerful and compliments a business suit.
  • "Marlena for the Demi is a neutral and one of our new blacks, she goes with everything and is perfect when you're wearing a bold print."
  • "Jaz is on special this week - it's not often a Miche Shell goes on sale!"


  • "Like what you see? You have great taste. I really like the _______ Shell you're choosing. We could hold an event like this for your friends and I could bring the straps that match this Shell for you. It is easy to
    earn free product with Miche."

Becoming a Rep

  •  “One of the benefits to becoming a Rep is getting all the Shells at 20-35% off (based on your commission rate) and having first access to all the latest Miche product. If you’re interested, why don't you host a party! We will work together and at the end of the night, if you decide to become a Rep, we can put the order through your new Rep site and I can take the Hostess credits."  

When reducing the Shell quantity in your sales kit, your Party sales numbers may be a little less but you also greatly reduced set up and tear down times and Reps find they more than made up the money as more women are interested in Hosting these fun, easy parties and becoming Reps themselves. In the USA, having 10, 20 or more Reps in your first down line is fairly common. 

Try it. Go in confidently and enjoy the Party, after all, it is you they came to see.
All the best,


I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou
Linda Says - July 24 2013
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