$1,000 + Parties - 05/26/16

$1,000 + Parties - 05/26/16

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ladies. Learn how they did it here!

When you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you a Miche Shell. For having a $2,000+ Party, Reps and their Hostess will receive any Shell of their choosing (excluding the Luxe Line)


March 24th, 2016 -  April 27th, 2016


$2,000 Parties!

Janice P. - ON -  $2,035.00 
Barbara M. - SK -  $2,000.00
"A repeat US customer who is obviously a very busy Miche rep!!!"

$1,000 Parties!

Connie H. - BC -  $1,025.00
"It was so much fun! Every lady there placed an order. This was the first party where the hostess wanted to play games. I made up Miche money and held an auction at the end of the party with handles, pockette, and a wallet. I also made up bingo cards that had words related to Miche. This was how I did my presentation! All the ladies said that was the best way to present. The hostess was on cloud nine when I left!"
Leah M. - ON -  $1,210.00
"This is the fourth party for this hostess. She knows what she needs to do to earn Miche money and she's always trying to achieve the next level. She puts out a fantastic spread of munchies and always includes fried chicken... we joke it's her good luck charm! We always have it on a Sunday afternoon as that is when all her guests can make it. She has so many shells though it's hard for her to decide what she wants now!"
Catherine W. - ON - 1,108.00
Natalie R. - ON -  $1,050.00    
"The hostess attended one of my previous parties and she was interested in hosting her own to get free Miche products. To thank her for the great party we had, I gave her the gold carabiners she wanted to match her Demi Veranda (previously purchased). A small gift that was very much appreciated and I now have a few more customers thanks to her!"
Gina S. - BC -  $1,015.00

What happens when you have a $2,000 Party? 

You earn $400 - $700 in CASH (depending on your commission rate) for having the time of your life! And, you earn hundreds of dollars in free product incentives for YOU and your HOSTESS! Learn how to party with a purpose and read our Hostess Handbook.

$1,000 + Parties - 05/26/16
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