Shannon Club - 05/07/14

Shannon Club - 05/07/14

With our Hope Shells we acknowledge and applaud, not only those who sell their product but share their lives. That is why we developed the Shannon award. We want to pay homage to women who are not just great sales people but great women. Winners have their choice of the Prima Hope (Charity) or Classic Hope (Faith) Shells. 

Kim C. - NS

Kim Campbell


We have a Shannon Club nomination for Kim Campbell *From Head Office* based on a lovely email we received at Head Office;

We received this email from a young lady in Nova Scotia named "Mary". 

Here is her Story:

I'm a 15 year old student, from Truro, Nova Scotia Canada. My mom, sister and I, all own our own Miche purses, along with numerous shells and handles! Over the past few months however, my mom's bag(that she is constantly getting complimented on!) has started to fall apart, big time! A handle broke, the zipper snapped, the magnets don't hold a shell any longer, and the inside is ripped apart. She has mentioned on a few occasions that she would love to have a new black base bag, but honestly cannot afford it. I would really LOVE to get her one for mothers day, but I simply can't afford a new bag for her! I was wondering if there would be anything you could do for me, to help in my predicament?

Thanks for your time, Mary


This is perfect opportunity for a caring Rep from Nova Scotia to help this young lady .  I sent her information to Kim C.  Here was her response:

I contacted Mary and offered her the Tired Old Bag deal; she was very happy with this.  If she had said she could not afford it, I would have sent her one from my inventory but didn't want to assume.  I did however, tell her that I would pay the extra $10 to have it drop shipped as she is in Amherst and needs it to surprise her mom for Mother's Day.  She is having it shipped to her sister's house to keep it a surprise. From Kim


The package from Head office arrived at her sisters house and Mary responded in kind;

To Kim - The package arrived today, thank you so much! She will be so delighted, thanks for all of your help!

Have a lovely Mothers Day :)



 From Kim to HO: Mary is delighted to be able to give her mom a new purse for Mother's Day.  Thanks for getting it out to her so quickly.


Happy Mothers Day to Kim C. and Mary's Mom and to all of the Moms in our Miche Family.  Kudos to Kim for making this happen and congratulations on winning the Shannon Club! 




Nominate your fellow Rep or perhaps your family member or Miche partner would like to nominate you! Send your nominations to! Pictures are welcome.

Shannon Club - 05/07/14
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Erika-Lynn Noel 07/05/2014 09:05 pm
Congrats Kim!!! Happy Mother's Day :)

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