Shannon Club - 06/04/14

With our Hope Shells we acknowledge and applaud, not only those who sell their product but share their lives. That is why we developed the Shannon award. We want to pay homage to women who are not just great sales people but great women. Winners have their choice of the Prima Hope (Charity) or Classic Hope (Faith) Shells. 

Erna W. - SK 


This Shannon club nomination is for outstanding service.  Erna joined Miche Canada in April 2011.  As a home party company we were just babies, but Erna had faith in us.  Erna was actually at the one and only Saskatchewan conference.  Erna was one of the 10 that joined us that day.


We can appreciate the distance that Erna travelled to be the at Western Miche Fest.


Erna was also a great Help to our Miche Trade Show Rep.  Erna came down and helped Maria with the Modern Women's show in Regina.  Together they were an excellent team.


We would like to present Erna W. as a Shannon club winner.


Elaine M. - AB 


We would like to nominate Elaine to the Shannon Club.  Elaine joined the Miche program through Michefest in Red Deer – 2 years ago.  Elaine is a Jill of all Trades – not only does she sell Miche, she is also a Personal support worker, Dog walker and house cleaner and more.  Her car is her office as she jumps from one profession to another. Miche is her passion and she loves to do special events and trade shows.  Elaine’s personal goal is to have one party per week.


Elaine’s skill set is unique.  One that provides campassion and caring for all of her clients – even the four legged ones. 


We would like to present Elaine M. as a Shannon club winner.


Terri H. - AB


Our head office would like to nominate Terri H. for the Shannon club.  Terri is a friend to all reps on our Miche Rep group and to the head office. Terri joined Miche Canada in 2011. I believe from Day 1 she has been keeping a list of retired Miche items. No matter how much we automate the MOF, she still keeps this list.  Miche Reps far and wide have come to trust and rely on Terri’s documentation.


I had a rep call me one day, to ask about a certain shell and I told her that this shell had retired.  Well, she said to me – I will check with Terri Hutz and get back to you!


If you can’t beat them, join them.  


We would like to present Terri H. as a Shannon club winner.


Congratulations to our Shannon Club Winners. Keep up your hard work Ladies!




Nominate your fellow Rep or perhaps your family member or Miche partner would like to nominate you! Send your nominations to! Pictures are welcome.

Shannon Club - 06/04/14
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