Shannon Club - 10/08/14

We acknowledge and applaud, not only those who sell our product but share their lives. That is why we developed the Shannon award. We want to pay homage to women who are not just great sales people but great women. Winners have their choice of Miche Shell (excluding Luxe Line). 

Erika Lynn & Nancy N. - NB


"This nomination comes four months late, but better late than never. Until last week, I did not really know what the Shannon Club was all about or how much it would mean to me to be nominated by my fellow reps across Canada. I became a rep in May 2014 after joining directly from the Miche Canada website. I was linked to two of the most kind, generous, and helpful reps imaginable. That being said, I would like to nominate my incredible leaders, Erika and Nancy N. We had never met before I joined Miche, so their acts of kindness blew me away. I was planning my first party and all I had was the modest kit you get when you first sign up. They drove 30 minutes to my mother’s house, delivered their valuable kit and lent it to a complete stranger. We live 3 hours apart, so they went without their Miche products for about a week before picking it back up at my mom’s house after my party. They also helped me figure out how to use the homepartyrep website, guided me through everything that I couldn’t figure out on my own, and on occasion stayed up way too late trying to help me close a party or figure out the confusing old incentive chart. I cannot even imagine what Miche rep life would be like without those two amazing women by my side. Thank you for all of your support, knowledge, and most of all kindness. Your support has helped me strive to achieve new personal goals each month. Your knowledge has made the wonderful world of Miche a breeze. Your kindness has truly meant the world to me and I will cherish our new-found friendship."



Lori R. - NB


Christine B. - ON

Christine Boisvert

We received this message from a Facebook follower:


"Well just to let you know I have a wonderful fantastic Miche rep named Christine B. who drives through winter blizzards to deliver Miche goodies (better than the mailman). Lol... So I would like to nominate her for an award, She's the best sales rep I've ever met, and she really dedicates herself to these Miche products."



Sue C.


Congratulations Ladies and keep up your hard work!




Nominate your fellow Rep or perhaps your family member or Miche partner would like to nominate you! Send your nominations to! Pictures are welcome.

Shannon Club - 10/08/14
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Christine Boisvert 15/10/2014 03:12 pm
Thank you very much Miche Head Office! This is my first Shannon award and I'm honoured that you've mentioned me.

I first met this customer last February 2014 at her friends Miche bag party. They had asked me if there was anyway I could deliver to them before the following Friday night; which with your help I had their order in lickety split timing and delivered to them through one of our worst snow storms. It started out as a clear evening drive but turned so quickly. They have become loyal Miche customers and good friends.

Thank you again for this recognition.

Erika-Lynn Noel 09/10/2014 05:00 am
Wow Lori! Thank you so much for this recognition. We are so happy that we could help you in any way to start off your new career in this Miche Fashionista world!
On this Thanksgiving Weekend coming up... we are very grateful being your leader and we wish you the best of success (which you already have) in sharing your new passion and very soon in a new territory! :) Nancy & Erika

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