Shannon Club - 2/19/14

Shannon Club - 2/19/14

I wanted to share with you the experience I had with one of your Reps, particularly her act of generosity. Her name is Jenelle B. (single mother in university and Miche Bag Rep). I had written to you some time ago (see below) for a referral to a Rep in my area and was able to get in touch with Jenelle B. She came and facilitated our staff Christmas party in December. We had a lot of fun and because my staff is mostly made up of women a Miche Bag Kit is what I gave each of them as a Christmas gift.  

Jenelle B. - BC

One of my staff contacted Jenelle a few weeks ago to see if Miche had a way of fundraising (as my granddaughter is going with her class to Mexico on a missions trip to help a family build a new home). Jenelle said that she would love to help and she did something so precious that I had to write to tell you about it. 


Jenelle, after a full day of school, taking her child to a sports activity and a couple days ago she was sick and so you can only imagine that it was very difficult for her to dedicate a night for a cause of someone she didn't know. I just thought as her area manager that you might want to know what a great gal you have working for your company.  I trust that her generosity will come back to her multiplied back in many blessings.



Elaine Gallacher



Nominate your fellow Rep or perhaps your family member or Miche partner would like to nominate you! Send your nominations to! Pictures are welcome.

Shannon Club - 2/19/14
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