Shannon Club - 5/14/14

With our Hope Shells we acknowledge and applaud, not only those who sell their product but share their lives. That is why we developed the Shannon award. We want to pay homage to women who are not just great sales people but great women. Winners have their choice of the Prima Hope (Charity) or Classic Hope (Faith) Shells. 

Leah M. - ON 


Head office would like to nominate this young lady who is a positive role model for new reps to the program.   Leah has a positive attitude that not only shines outward but also inward in helping her to overcome issues and be a happier more productive individual.  Leah has taken an active role in helping us develop our Pinterest and our instagram programs.  Leah is a good friend to many other reps on our facebook account for Miche reps. We would like to welcome Leah Mitchell as our newest Shannon Club Winner.


Charlene M. - ON 

Miche Canada received this wonderful letter that I would like to read now.


Dear Miche: 

I would like to nominate our Miche Representative, Charlene Martin, for the Shannon Club.  On Saturday, April 26th, Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, held a bazaar as a fundraiser for their upcoming Mission Trip to Nicaragua through PAN Missions of Guelph.  Charlene has been on a mission trip to Nicaragua and knew how important the fundraising was so she signed up to be a vendor there.  There were 22 vendors in total.  She decided to contribute to their mission trip in the following 3 ways:
First, Charlene rented one of their large tables for her Miche products.  This money went directly to the Mission Team. Secondly for the Mission team's silent auction, Charlene donated a Demi base bag, Demi shell (Cherry), matching wallet and a $25.00 gift card.  She donated something that she hopped would make them a lot of money.  Despite the efforts for advertising the event, and with the rainy day, the turnout was not as hopped.   So her valuable donation only brought in a top bid of $55.00.  I felt bad for Charlene as her donation was worth much more, but her efforts were admirable and certainly helped the team. 

Thirdly, Charlene wanted to find a way to continue giving to the cause after this bazaar fundraiser was over.  She decided to donate 30% of her commissions from all parties that were booked at the event (that are held in 2014) back to the mission trip.  She calls it "Continue to Give".   She booked 2 parties that day, and has a couple more interested people looking into dates!  Miche is enabling her to help others in ways she never thought she could; financially.
There are many youth on this mission team

Doug Walker, and the team is fundraising to help defray some of their trip costs in addition to the project costs.  It is only through people like Charlene who sacrifice financially to support this team that will help these youth reach their goals.   Thus, my nomination for this Shannon award.
I am the PAN director who is facilitating this team.  So I personally know of and appreciate Charlene's donations.  Miche should be proud of representatives like her.


Congratulations to our Shannon Club Winners. Keep up your hard work Ladies!




Nominate your fellow Rep or perhaps your family member or Miche partner would like to nominate you! Send your nominations to! Pictures are welcome.

Shannon Club - 5/14/14
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