While in the States, I repeatedly heard from the American Miche Reps " I had to scale down my demo kits to grow my business." Big sales kits equal big sales, right? Not necessarily. If you carry (almost) all the Shells to a party, which Shell does your guest want to see? The one you don't have of course! Because you carry so many, they expect you to have and show them all.

"It's perfectly appropriate to pet the Miche." It's true!  We women are tactile. We like to touch and feel and indeed still like to play.  At your Home Party, please let us.  It will allow us to feel relaxed and happy and that's good because we want to be surrounded by people and things that make us happy.

You may have already seen the buzz online - Miche is launching a new line of jewelry in the USA with their Home Party Reps. This will be an add-on to Miche handbags. It is a test and is not yet available for international purchase. Miche Canada will access the sales of the jewelry in the USA and consider it as a potential new product for 2014. In the meantime, we have brought back with us many different pieces and you can look forward to receiving them as contest prizes and for recognition rewards (details to come). 

Are you looking for ways to drum up new Miche business and expand your client base? Here's an idea!