Today, I am home sick. It's no big deal, just the common cold. Mind you at this time of year there is so much to do, no one wants to waste a day being sick. Today has not been a complete waste for me however. The nice thing about being sick is it gives you a little quiet time to think, think, think...

Don't get too caught up in the business of Miche that you forget about why you joined us in the's all about the purse! 



When you walk through your day, do you see all of the opportunities for success that surround you?  Have you ever wondered how some people became so successful? Why some people are always in the right place at the right time? To a large degree I believe people create their own good luck with a combination of hard work, positive thinking and resilience. Can you do it? Get lucky too? I think so. It's a mind set. Mentally, try putting on a pair of "Miche Women's" glasses and walk through your day. As an example, walk with me now....



I was asked, "How do I sell the Luxe Shells without making the other Shells sound bad?" It is crucial our party guests know that all Miche items are of top quality and we only offer the very best! I understand the predicament. You love your Miche Shells but when you start talking about the Luxe Shells you are saying that they have better material, more bling, better handles and accessories. By the time you are finished talking you start to wonder if instead of talking your quests into a Luxe Shell you actually talked them out of Miche. That's not what you intended to do, so lets make a plan to communicate what you actually mean.

You can create your own future today by thinking beyond the present and two steps ahead. This fall, fill your January calendars (yes, I said January!) and build your team. Now is the best time to begin booking for 2014. You are having holiday parties, work parties, school events, going out, socializing and meeting new people! It's a busy time of year and not everyone can find time for a Miche Party before Christmas. That's okay - the Miche fun, fashion and financial rewards continue throughout the entire year!

For having a $2,000+ Party, Reps and their Hostess receive a Classic or Prima Hope (Heart), Hope (Love) or any Shell of their choosing (excluding the Luxe Line). Amazing work ladies!

They're already selling snow suits and Christmas stuff in the big box stores!  Ugh, what are they thinking? I am still waiting for this summer to get warm enough for me to jump in the lake.

Your Miche Shell perfectly matches your outfit, you have leaflets and business cards on hand but what if someone says, "what do they look like inside?" 

I have a personal secret to share. I am shy - quite shy, put me in a group and my natural inclination is to fade away. So how do I manage to sell, speak and thrive? 

Have you ever asked someone, "Would you like to host a Home Party?" and it was as if you offered that person rotten mushrooms? Ugh - how frustrating, as often, you know the woman you are talking to would be the perfect Hostess. She is sociable, loves the product and is someone you would like to work with.