Share the love!

Share the love!

Share your love for Miche and spread the word! Miche Fest is around the corner in Halifax, NS and London, ON and we are providing you with the flyer to invite your friends, family and neighbours to join us for one FREE hour of Miche madness! This will be a great time for the curious to find out more about Miche at no cost!

Spread the word!

Do you have a few friends that are curious about our program and want to learn more? Invite them to join us from 1:30-2:30 PM on the following dates. Printable flyers are available for download below. Pass them around at your Miche Parties or post them in your community! 

Be proactive!

Make sure to include your name and number on your posters and let your Account Manager know who has confirmed. After all, if your guests sign up to our program we want them on your team!

Having your own Open House?

Find our new generic Open House flyer in the Resource section or click here to download and add your contact information.

Share the love!
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