Closet Cleanout - 08/25/16

Closet Cleanout -  08/25/16

We are revamping our Miche Closet! Out with the past season and in with the new season!

Just like our own closets at home, we will be packing away our summer clothes to make way for our fall and winter fashions. Here at Miche Canada, we will be putting away (temporarily) our spring and summer Miche shells and accessories. How exciting it will be to look at the richer, darker colours of fall and winter. It allows us to be on track for the upcoming fashion season. This will bring a new life to all of our Miche items and help to keep your demonstrating kits to a more manageable level. Starts October 7th, 2016. 


Make a Note: These Shells and Accessories haven't Retired. They are just taking a mini vacation! They will be re-introduced next spring. Keep your demo items around for the next season or sell them off for cash.  See our Fall/Winter Closet Release in the next Pulse.


Time to pack away these Summer Shells and Accessories:



Angie MB7596, Hope Argyle MB7585, Cindra MB7586, Versailles MB7671, Farrah MB7580, Katy MB7581, Pat MB7584, Allie MB7507, Pamela MB7649, Parker MB7575, Ryann MB7576, Whimsy MB7682 & Amanda MB7577




Veranda MB3284, Alexa MB3226, Hope Breeze MB3283, Katrina MB3216, Judith MB3123, Devonshire MB3266, Rosa MB3260, Sorbet MB3286, Teri MB3261, Versailles MB3252, Lordes MB3250, Cabana MB3282 & Celeste MB3285


Pamela MB1271, Alexa MB1267, Rosa MB1296, Dorinda MB1295, Cabana MB1312, Sorbet MB1311, Teri MB1297


Alexa MB5189, Pamela MB5192, Judy MB5144, Hope Brezze MB5212 & Dorinda MB5205



White Rolled Straps MB9472, Petite Cream Adjustable Strap MB9716, Tan Wallet MB9139, Rosa Clutch MB9209, Layla Wallet MB9207, Tristan Doctor Bag MB9148, Mariah Hip Bag MB9133, Pink Wallet MB9144, Quick Clip Hardware Silver MB9659 & Quick Clip Hardware Gold MB9660


And in the Spring/Summer these Shells and Accessories will return! At that point the Fall/Winter items will have their turn at a mini vacation! Notify your customers about our changing Closets. If they are looking at these Shells, make sure they get them soon. If not, there is always next year. 

Closet Cleanout - 08/25/16
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June Taylor 11/01/2017 04:21 pm
I am so excited to see all these colourful shells! Beautiful colours great addition to our collections!

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