Miche Canada Exotic Waves Trip 2016! - 10/14/15

Miche Canada Exotic Waves Trip 2016! - 10/14/15

The September Results are in!!!

Join us on the next Miche Caribbean Cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale Florida April 4-9, 2016 on the beautiful Independence of the Seas.

Women rising to the top – After September we have calculated trip points and here are the Miche Reps who are leading the way.
Kimberley Latvala
Kimberley Latvala – AB Sylvie Boucher – NB Barbara McKinnon – SK
New Reps who have earned 5,000 points towards the trip for joining our program – Congratulations !

Dustann M– AB

Kerrie G– SK

Sylvie B– AB

Trisha M – NB

Melody F– BC

Julie A  - QC

All of our new Reps will earn 5,000 points to help them get started on earning the trip! The Rep who has referred them has also earned 1,000 points. Bonus all the way around. Congratulations to everyone for their recruiting efforts and first parties.  


Bonus Points –

We want you to join us so we are going to help you earn this trip! Between October 1st and December 18th, 2015:
  • For every party you have, you will earn 500 points per party. We have upped the stakes! The more parties you have the more points you earn.
  • For every new Rep you bring in the program, you will earn triple bonus points when they have their first qualifying party! That is 3,000 points! WOW! (you must be active and selling your PV for your level)
  • When you make Party Animal in the Miche Weekly, you will be given another 1,000 points for every time you are a party Animal!  Four weeks in a month, that is an additional 4,000 points!

Tune in next week for the Trip Map! Keep track of your points as a daily reminder.


Earn your way!


Earn your cruise with Miche simply by having parties and making sales between September 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016. For every Miche sold you will earn points by selling, being a top earner, through your downline sales, new recruits, being a party animal, recruiting ……There are 4 levels to earn the trip:

  • 50,000 points will qualify you for the cruise (shared occupancy)
  • 55,000 points will qualify you for the cruise(shared occupancy) and $500.00 for airfare
  • 60,000 points will qualify you to bring a guest on the cruise.(shared occupancy)
  • 65,000 points will qualify you for a cruise for two and $1,000 towards your airfare.

Make it your goal!

This trip is going to be fabulous and it's SO achievable! Thanks to your efforts, not only will you earn an amazing trip but you will also end the qualification period with a stronger Miche business! 

More details to follow on this excellent opportunity to meet Miche reps from all over North America.  


Trip details, full rules and regulations will be outlined in an upcoming Miche Weekly. *Information is subject to adjustments*.

* For a list of definitions please refer to our Policies and Procedures.

Miche Canada Exotic Waves Trip 2016! - 10/14/15
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