Sell Yourself & Your Business! 07/28/16

Sell Yourself & Your Business! 07/28/16

A lesson (worth repeating) on how to do a Facebook page featuring the social expertise of Miche Rep Leah from Ontario!

Getting your name out there is so much easier than it used to be. We can thank Social media for that. You can work your business from the comfort of your own home and have your parties at a hostess home, at an event or on your Facebook page. The world is open to you! In this article we are going to show you how easy it can be having your own Business Facebook Page! 


When creating a Facebook page you will need to have a business name. The name is important as it will make you stand out from all the other businesses in you area. We suggest that you create a name and then have Independent Miche Canada Representative. We have asked Leah M. from Ontario if we can use her page as our example. She has called her page Shell Shock Purses. *Nice Pun!* Click here for the link to Leah's page.


Once you have your name and your page is ready to go (Facebook does steps while creating a page if you need help), you can make posts for all your Facebook viewers to see. To get Viewers/Likes you can invite all your friends, family and customers to Like your page. The more Likes you get the more people that will see your Miche information. A couple of ways to grow your Likes is to run contests (ask people to share your page) or you can pay for advertising. If you pay to get Likes for your page you will hit people outside your circle of friends. *Set a daily amount within your budget. You want to make money so only spend what you can afford*


Once a viewer Likes your page,they will now see the items you post.As for material to post, a good rule to use is 80% fun and 20% sales. If you post to many business/sales items, you will lose people's interest. Keep it fun! As well, try to only make one post per day. Too many posts may overwhelmed viewers and could bog down their News Feed. Please share posts from Miche Canada's Facebook page as another way to share material with your viewers.


On the 20% sales part, a great post to add to your page is the Special. You can write a message to all about it and it bring attention to making a purchase.


There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to a Facebook Page. Building your business is a hard task and we want all Miche Reps to be as busy as they want to be! Share your love of Miche and people/customers will take that love in and share it to others! Just keep in mind that you only want to post on your page material that your mother would approve of! That way your business will grow and grow and grow!


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. Also if you have any secrets to your own Facebook page, please share them below! Party on Ladies!

Sell Yourself & Your Business! 07/28/16
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Leslie Cuthbert 08/01/2017 12:37 pm
Great Ideas
I just started and this is very helpful!

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