$1,000 + Parties - 08/25/16

$1,000 + Parties - 08/25/16

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ladies. Learn how they did it here!

When you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you a Miche Shell. For having a $2,000+ Party, Reps and their Hostess will receive any Shell of their choosing (excluding the Luxe Line)


July 28th, 2016 - August 24th, 2016


$1,000 Parties!

Jan M. - AB -  $1,435.00
"About a week before the party, I gave the hostess a Petite and a Classic and 2 shells for each, along with flyers, business cards and order forms. She had $500 worth of orders days BEFORE the party started from friends who couldn't come. They were able to see all of the shell selections on my webpage. As well, she had 6 people at the party. One was a dutiful neighbor friend that didn't want to be there and didn't want a new purse. We had lots of fun. As well, there were 4 bookings - 3 from people there and one from someone who couldn't come. In front of the guests, I handed her a small "Thank you" gift. I showed the booking gift and told them that ,although it was labeled "Coin Purse", it was far more than that. It is the equivalent of "Batman's Utility Belt". How many times are we asked, simply because we carry a purse, "Do you have a band-aid? Do you have a Safety Pin? What about a paper clip, etc.? You can actually put all of those little things in the Coin Purse and they are not loose in your purse. They could buy a little coin purse, but they all want THAT one. At the end of the party, I told them that they should all give themselves a round of applause for helping Diane earn $120 of free product. It actually went higher, but that's OK. Her neighbor said, "If she can do it, so can I and I never go to home parties". This is the "Dutiful" neighbor friend I mentioned above. PS. During the afternoon of the party, Diane's husband had popped into the neighborhood pub (to arrange for someone that was there to do some yard work - really!) and said he had to go because his wife was having a "Purse Party".  The lady bartender said, "Purse Party? What is a Purse Party?  I LOVE Purses".  Hubby grabbed Diane and her samples and dragged her back to the pub.  She sold a Classic kit at the PUB. AND the Lady Bartender is going to show hers to her friends .... maybe another party for the fall. It comes down to coach the hostess, prep the hostess, give her some tools and hopefully her excitement will go a long way."
Janice P. - ON -  $1,250.00
"The bulk of the party was for a U.S. rep and I had to do a spreadsheet (seriously!!! ask Moira!) to figure out how to put it all together. But she's a great customer and it was better than a crossword or Sudoku to keep my synapses firing over summer break!"
Judy D. - PEI -  $1,040.00
"It was a US customer that found my name on the Miche site. My name is there for the eastern area and it paid off big. I am so happy with this order and the connection made!"

What happens when you have a $2,000 Party? 

You earn $400 - $700 in CASH (depending on your commission rate) for having the time of your life! And, you earn hundreds of dollars in free product incentives for YOU and your HOSTESS! Learn how to party with a purpose and read our Hostess Handbook.

$1,000 + Parties - 08/25/16
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