Linda SaysLinda Says

Are you a doer or a dabbler? Do you stand up at Parties and proudly say, "My name is ___________ and I am your Miche Representative" or do you stand up and say, "My name is ___________  and I sell ___________ and I sell ___________  and I sell ___________ and___________." 

This week I am sharing my message with you in two different ways, officially and as friend. 

The internet is a valuable resource for everything in life. Nowadays, if you are standing in the kitchen wondering how much yeast to add to a recipe instead of phoning your mom, you simply Google search it. Wonderful and easy (but give mom a call too, she misses you). My point being that when we want information, we can find it online. For those of us on Facebook, endlessly following our News feed, this is just one way of passing the time and occasionally we do read a good post but it might lack depth. If you are looking for something more "The 13 things mentally strong people avoid," it is a great article and well worth a quick peek. 

Happy New Year!'s cold out outside, but things are just heating up at head office and the plans we have for the Miche Home Party Program are HOT. January is not the month to burn out or bask in the after glow of Christmas sales. No time to be complacent here, we know you are eager to get the extra income that comes from Party sales, get social again and earn new Shells. January is the time to light things up and set the world on fire! 

I often get asked "What makes a successful Rep?" and I say, "A successful life!"



Today, I am home sick. It's no big deal, just the common cold. Mind you at this time of year there is so much to do, no one wants to waste a day being sick. Today has not been a complete waste for me however. The nice thing about being sick is it gives you a little quiet time to think, think, think...