Brenda and I had an amazing adventure last week at Miche Elevate. International company heads from all over the world were invited to attend the conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I joined the CEO's from Miche England, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia and Russia for a wonderful week full of fashion and news.  

While in the States, I repeatedly heard from the American Miche Reps " I had to scale down my demo kits to grow my business." Big sales kits equal big sales, right? Not necessarily. If you carry (almost) all the Shells to a party, which Shell does your guest want to see? The one you don't have of course! Because you carry so many, they expect you to have and show them all.

They're already selling snow suits and Christmas stuff in the big box stores!  Ugh, what are they thinking? I am still waiting for this summer to get warm enough for me to jump in the lake.

The pitch is so important that we are re-printing it this week and adding it to our Selling A-Z document. Two weeks ago I provided you with the basic demonstration. Although it is conversational, there is nothing that I say that is accidental. This week, I have highlighted the most important aspects of the demonstration and some of the reasoning behind the words. Please review, because whether you join Miche because you love the social or fashion - it's always more fun if it's financially successful too!

The Miche Pitch! - You're right! It's all the same purse and now you have more options then ever. No longer do you have to carry the same bag everyday, you don't have to dump everything from one bag to another..realize you have forgotten to include your cell phone or glasses etc. With the Miche Bag, you can have one bag and Endless Possibilities® 

"It's perfectly appropriate to pet the Miche." It's true!  We women are tactile. We like to touch and feel and indeed still like to play.  At your Home Party, please let us.  It will allow us to feel relaxed and happy and that's good because we want to be surrounded by people and things that make us happy.

Are you looking for ways to drum up new Miche business and expand your client base? Here's an idea!

Your Miche Shell perfectly matches your outfit, you have leaflets and business cards on hand but what if someone says, "what do they look like inside?" 

I have a personal secret to share. I am shy - quite shy, put me in a group and my natural inclination is to fade away. So how do I manage to sell, speak and thrive?