Have you ever asked someone, "Would you like to host a Home Party?" and it was as if you offered that person rotten mushrooms? Ugh - how frustrating, as often, you know the woman you are talking to would be the perfect Hostess. She is sociable, loves the product and is someone you would like to work with. 

The world is changing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up but so worth the effort! Recently I received a new “smart phone” for my birthday and have now joined the modern world in texting, emailing, Facebook updates, photo sharing, cloud sourcing, calling and more. The new phone makes it so easy to do this that I rarely use my house phone anymore (just telemarketers calling anyway) and I rarely crank up our old home computer. It sounds like I am selling “smart phones” now...but no, there are already enough kids in the mall doing

Wow, wow you love the new Weekly format as much as I do? This is big news for all of us. Moving forward, we are working towards having one Weekly for all, in English and in French - at the same time! It is going to make communicating with you so much easier and user-friendly.  You now find resources after logging in as easy as reading the weekly.  Everything that makes the info structure and business part of Miche more effective means we all have more time for what we love: fashion, fun, parties and yes...Miche Money.